Understanding the transformation of urban production and local democracy

Urban production is now based on the interaction and initiatives of many different actors. Companies, associations and individuals participate in the construction and transformation of cities, and also in their daily management, by supplying all or part of public services or by managing cities’ infrastructures. These actors, working in cooperation or even in competition with public authorities, change the latter’s actions, roles and also their own visions of their roles.

Dossiers in this section shed light on the following questions:

  • What actors participate in urban production and what are their roles?

  • What part do citizens, companies, practitioners and elected officials play in these urban production modes? How do they participate in urban production?

  • What impact do the different modalities of urban production have on relationships between citizens and elected officials, between companies, elected officials and citizens, between interest groups and elected officials?

  • How can the decision making processes leading to different forms of urban production be understood?

24 dossiers