Document Library

The document library is the showcase for the wealth of acquired experience on different problems relating to the transition of the territories and territorial governance.

CITEGO offers different browsing possibilities:

  • A free search engine (‘Scrutari’) to find pertinent information on CITEGO or in the wider COREDEM community of research websites using titles or key-words.
COREDEM: The CITEGO website is part of the Confederation of resources sites for world democracy (COREDEM), Today this confederation unites about thirty websites with the same outlook as CITEGO: experiences-sharing is vital to action, it is an asset that belongs to everyone, and it grows through sharing. Thus COREDEM members pool their documentary resources and encourage free access and information sharing. Internet users searching the CITEGO website can widen their search to include all COREDEM websites.
  • A search by author, organism or geographical space:
  • Key-word navigation via a theme-based index. By linking information sheets of many different origins, key-word navigation enables transversal browsing of the various thematic dossiers.
  • Navigation via a relational atlas, a semantic ‘map’ showing links between concepts, issues, modes of action and actors. The relational atlas is also a tool for indexing website content: it is used to highlight links between the concepts and subjects treated. You can browse from the general to the specific, the specific to the general, or by “proximity”.
    CITEGO attempts in this way to bring closer together “stories” containing analogies, like the same type of policy but applied in a very different context, so as to draw lessons of more general relevance and identify leading principles that represent the key to success, or failure.
We invite you to test it and to share your comments and suggestions at:

  • ‘Snowball’ navigation via links between website documents (‘related documents’, ‘to go further’) that suggest to the reader other content that might be of interest or that provides additional information.