Understanding changes in ways of inhabiting the territory

These texts explore changes in individual and collective practices, and reflect on how the inhabitants and users of cities adapt to various constraints (economic, social, and environmental) and new issues. These changes involve various fields of urban action, (such as housing, mobility and the design of public spaces) and they highlight the importance of taking into account the interaction between fields. They also include issues related to territorial appropriation processes and analysis of the uses of space.

  • How have the daily practices and expectations of users and inhabitants changed? What factors influenced these changes?

  • How do inhabitants and users react to new systems set up by urban actors (new transportation services, changes in the design of housing, recommendations on everyday modes of consumption, etc.)? How do they appropriate the new arrangements or adapt them to their needs?

  • How do citizens and companies take individual or collectiveinitiatives to change territorial metabolism and participate in the transition to sustainable territories and societies?

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