Our vocation

CITEGO has three main objectives:

  • "to show" the systemic character of the territory, by helping the actors to establish the relations between the technical, economic, cultural, social, conceptual, institutional and financial dimensions;
  • overcoming institutional, disciplinary or socio-professional barriers;
  • be knowledge brokers and drivers of this change.

To achieve this, CITEGO is committed to :

  • Develop connections between different families of actors and strengthen dialogue to contribute to the development of actors’ eco-systems and lead to the "reflex" of decompartmentalization;
  • Co-construct a collective understanding of the guiding principles of territorial transition experiences. The operational tools developed - documentary resources and relational atlas - are developed in a process of accessibility and appropriation by the stakeholders (according to the principles of "open source" applicable to software);
  • Tool territorial actors by providing tools for representing and managing systemic problems;
  • Value the results of these capitalizations and interlink them to make them available to the greatest number;
  • Introduce dialogue: promote the lessons learned from the capitalization of experiences and pool this knowledge so that it becomes collective and enables a change of scale through continuous training.

CITEGO builds partnerships with a variety of practitioners and institutions - local authorities, professional networks, initial or continuing education institutions, research centres, associations, etc. - to promote the capitalisation of experience and pool this knowledge so that it can become collective and enable a change of scale through continuing education. - in a perspective of individual and collective learning of the actors of change.