Management of automobile-based mobility


Conseil National des Transports (CNT)

This sub-dossier was created by Régis Rioufol, who selected and reviewed information in the report ‘One road for everyone - safety and coexistence on roads above and beyond use conflicts’ (Une Voirie pour Tous – Sécurité et cohabitation sur la voie publique au-delà des conflits d’usage) published by the CNT and La Documentation Française in 2005, and adapted it to the CITEGO dossier format.

It suggests a number of themes related to automobile mobility and the setting up of a policy of coexistence in the public space, in France and in Europe as a whole. Parking on roads, fees policy, accessibility and sustainable mobility, setting up urban tolls and variable allocation of lanes and of the public space are all issues addressed throughout the sub-dossier.

This dossier is not available in English. Please contact us if you want to help us translate part of our contents.

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