Tomorrow my territory 13 Moving around by innovating within the territories

Rural mobility

November 2019

Agence pour l’Environnement et la Maîtrise de l’Energie (ADEME)

The 20 factsheets in the collection « demain MON TERRITOIRE » have been designed to give candidates and elected officials practical keys to take action, to open up the field of possibilities based on the experiences of other elected officials, from small towns to conurbations, large urban areas or sparsely populated areas. In the four corners of France, both in metropolitan France and in the French Overseas Territories, many of them are taking action, together with the players in their territories, to prepare for the future by taking action to mitigate climate change and adapt to its effects. With its knowledge and presence throughout the country, ADEME supports them with its tools, activities and financial aid.

Why is it important to imagine alternative modes of transport in rural and peri-urban areas?

Moving around by innovating within territories The spread of urban areas and the dispersal of housing in rural areas, the location of economic activities and the lack of public transport in these territories where 40% of the French live, have led to massive use of the private car, which is no longer sustainable today both for the climate, air quality and the purchasing power of the inhabitants of peripheral and rural areas, who are forced to use their vehicle on a daily basis. Local authorities, in association with private or associative actors, must now propose and encourage alternative ways of getting around that are less polluting for the environment and less costly for their budget. It is a question of maintaining social links and access to services: health, education, shops, leisure activities, etc. It is also an asset to strengthen the attractiveness of their territory.

How do you do it?