Description of functionalities

The relational atlas is a semantics mapping tool. It allows to highlight the main ideas of a document and to link it to other documents on related issues. It is the descriptors that are linked within the atlas and that index documentary resources (experience records, analyses, proposals...).

The button "Cart" :
You have the possibility to put aside a documentary resource by clicking on the basket next to the name of the resource. These documentary resources set aside are grouped together under this button.

The "History"} button keeps a history of the descriptors and documents you have clicked on. You have the option to print your path or clear the history with the appropriate icons.
! A descriptor you have clicked on will appear in pink on the atlas !

The "Help" button gives you access to :

  • the atlas legend: the raster system on which the relational atlas is built: the components of the territory (number/color) and the angles of approach to governance (logo/letter) ;
  • a navigation guide
  • a video presentation of CITEGO
  • a video presentation of the relational atlas (philosophy & uses)
  • CITEGO’s website

You can navigate in the atlas :

  • through the search bar, by proposing one or more keywords and clicking on the one you are interested in. You can refine or broaden your search by clicking on "and"/"or".
  • by neighbourhood, by clicking directly on the descriptors you want.

To consult the documentary resources indexed by the descriptors, click on " documents " under the chosen descriptor. These documents are the experiences, analyses, resources and proposals contained in our document collection:

  • when you click on the title of the chosen document, you access a page presenting its indexing in the atlas ;
  • when you click on the CITEGO logo, you go directly to the document on the CITEGO website;
  • when you click on the shopping cart, the document is put aside while you continue browsing the atlas. At any time you can consult it in the " Basket " tab. You can also print this list of documents.

To return to the Atlas Home Page, click on the title at the top left " Territories, Cities and Governance ".

The Login tab is for Administrators only.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at

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