How the atlas works

The relational atlas indexes all the documents (experience records, analyses, proposals, resources, etc.) published in the CITEGO document library.

The relational atlas makes it possible to describe "what a document is about", by emphasizing the links between the descriptors (keywords) and by representing these links. It is distinguished by two aspects of classical keyword indexing: on the one hand, the descriptors address a finer level of detail than thematic keywords and, on the other hand, they are at the interface between other descriptors.

Since descriptors can index several documents, a reader reading one document will immediately see the other documents linked to the same descriptors. He or she will thus be able to delve more deeply into the subject that interests him or her.

As an illustration, two experiences whose generic theme is "energy" could be described one by ’Promotion of economic alternatives’ because it talks about the establishment of cooperatives and the other by ’Territorial energy policies and transition’ because it talks about the establishment of a system of local production of renewable energy.

As in the case of a geographical atlas, the more users "zoom in" on a territorial issue, the more detail they go into, and therefore the longer and more precise the descriptors can be.
The characterization of the relationship by the increasingly detailed description of these elements makes it possible to define sets for reading a problem (all the elements linked by this relationship). The atlas is therefore a tool to help understand the territorial ecosystem.

At the same time, the visualization of the semantic field relating to the consulted document will give it access to other descriptors and thus other documents, allowing it to broaden its approach to the problem being addressed. The relational atlas allows you to navigate according to a neighborhood principle.

It is possible to access the relational atlas :

  • directly by following the address of the atlas.
    In this case, navigation is made easier by searching by descriptor in the search bar.
  • The search is facilitated by a resource from the CITEGO document library as in the example: Relative documentary resource of session 7 of the Participatory Democracy Mooc: "Participatory democracy, a rather reassuring failure?! ยป


See How to navigate in the atlas from an example.