The website

CITEGO is an international site of documentary resources. It is composed of analysis sheets and cases that are organised in thematic dossiers or dossiers on various aspects of how cities and territories, as well as their governance, work and evolve. It focuses on the role of cities and local territories on the transition towards sustainable societies and on the great diversity of experiences that contribute to it. CITEGO aims to be a tool, a space where information is pooled, a source of inspiration and a space for dialogue available to local leaders, civil society organisations and citizens, local authority employees and professionals of urban issues, researchers, lecturers and teachers and students who either input information or consult the site.

CITEGO brings together ‘stories’ that lend themselves to analogies, for example several stories telling how a similar policy is applied in very different contexts. Through these stories, general lessons can be learned, and guiding principles that are key to success—or lead to failure—can be identified. Thus CITEGO is like a reservoir filled with methods, case studies, and means of approach, educational materials and the support of educational communities.