The website values

CITEGO is a documentary website, a tool, a method, as well as an ethical posture on sharing knowledge. That is why we are attached to some basic values:

  • Sharing and pooling
    CITEGO contributors wish to share their experience and their thoughts with other practitioners and stakeholders. Their expectations are that their ideas will in exchange be more widely shared, as well as having the possibility to compare them with other similar or different ones. Furthermore, they are aware that the effort to put their experience into a summarised and legible form is also a powerful stimulant that helps them to clarify their ideas, as they capitalise on lessons learned from a lived experience.
    CITEGO contributors therefore shed light on the concrete context of a given unique experience. They also try to extrapolate the more general lessons learnt. They do their best to make sure that they report in a simple way on complex phenomena.
    CITEGO, in its attempt to pool information, is enriched by the contributions of various actors: city practitioners, political leaders, committed citizens, students, teachers and lecturers, journalists, researchers and it wishes to be of use to all these different categories of people.
  • Pluralism
    Different actors have different perceptions of the same reality, depending on their social position, their cultural tradition, their political options, where they stand in the power system, where they are coming from and the sphere of knowledge that is mobilised. This is why you can find in our website approaches based on political science as well as technical analyses. You can also review experiences carried out by different actors: practitioners, municipalities, civil society, etc.
  • The systemic approach
    CITEGO emphasizes the systemic nature of urban phenomena: they can be analysed from many different angles, as cities and territories are above all else hubs of relationships. The « Key issues on transition » aim to develop this cross-cutting approach, as they bring together different thematic dossiers. They are, with the relational atlas, the means of approaching a complex, multidimensional reality.
  • Respecting the rules of the team game
    CITEGO is a shared adventure. Transforming a profusion of contributions and experiences into a structured documentary whole, built step by step, implies that everyone needs to strictly adhere to the same work rules and framework.